Saturday, 4 June 2016

The LPGA Schedule & Daily Results 2016-17

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Course List


My Cracking Hole in One at Druids Glen Co. Wicklow Eire
In Order of 25 week season schedule

Harbor Town Palmetto LPGA * season opener
Harbor Town TourPro LPGA*

Royal Melbourne West-LPGA*
Royal Melbourne TourPro-LPGA*

Mission Hills Rancho Mirage LPGA*
Mission Hills TourPro LPGA*

Banff Springs LPGA *
Banff Springs TourPro LPGA*

Valhalla KY LPGA*
Valhalla Louisville KY*

Celtic Manor Twenty Ten LPGA*
Celtic Manor 2010 TourPro LPGA*

Louth gc lincoln LPGA*
Louth gc*

Woodhall Spar Bracken LPGA*
Woodhall Spar lincoln LPGA*

K Club Eire LPGA*
K Club Eire TourPro LPGA*

Ladybank fife LPGA*
Ladybank fife TourPro LPGA*

Trump Turnberry Ailsa 2016 LPGA *
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Pins

Trump Doonbeg GC Eire LPGA*
Trump Doonbeg GC TourPro LPGA*

Atlanta Athletic Club LPGA*
Atlanta Athletic Club GA*

TPC Boston LPGA*
TPC Boston TourPro*

Quinta do lago south course LPGA*
Quinta do lago s. TourPro*

Costa Navarino LPGA*
Costa Navarino TourPro LPGA*

St. Andrews Stadium LPGA*
St. Andrews Stadium TourPro LPGA*

Oak hill cc NY LPGA*
Oak Hill cc TourPro*

Wolf CreekNevada Red LPGA*
Wolf Creek TourPro*

Wentworth West Course LPGA*
Wentworth West Course TourPro*

Kiawah Islands LPGA* Christmas
Kiawah Islands TourPro Frosty*

St. Andrews Xmas LPGA* 
St. Andrews Stadium Frosty*

Trump Turnberry 2015 LPGA*

New Builds

Black Lake CC LPGA*
Black Lake CC Ml.

Trump International Aberdeen*

Members courses and good builds on TGC1

Smuggler's Loch Red LPGA*
Smuggler's Loch TourPro*

Houston LPGA*
Houston TourPro*

The Walker Course LPGA*
The Walker Course TourPro*

Lochaven LPGA*
Lochaven GC*

Greens of Aberdeen LPGA*
Greens of Aberdeen*

Calaveras County Country Club LPGA*
Calaveras County Country Club

Cedar Pointe Golf Club LPGA*
Cedar Pointe Golf Club*

Wolf Creek 2017 LPGA*
Wolf Creek 2017*

Valpariso LPGA*

Big Boulder LPGA*
Big Boulder GC*

Florida Boulders LPGA*
Florida Boulders GC*

Furys Autumn Treasure LPGA*
Furys Autumn Treasure (Black)*

Cape Kidnappers LPGA*
Cape Kidnappers firm*

Laurel Highlands LPGA*
Laurel Highlands TourPro*

Manotick National*
Manotick National Sunday TourPro*

Royal Wallace LPGA*
Royal Wallace Golf Course as TourPro*

Copperhead Golf Club LPGA*
Copperhead GC as TourPro*

The LPGA Issaquah Sky course*
The Issaquah Sky course*

Kiawah Ivory Coast LPGA*
Kiawah Ivory Coast Course*

Mt Fury @ Crooked Creek LPGA*
Mt Fury @ Crooked Creek CC*

Port Sunlight LPGA/Protee*
Port Sunlight GC*

Paragon Park LPGA/Protee*
Paragon Park GC*

Spartina GC red tees*
Spartina GC*

Rusk Harbor LPGA*
Rusk Harbor GC*

Sawmill Creek LPGA*
Sawmill Creek GC*

Wailua Vally GC Protee/green*
Wailua Vally GC*

Deep Mountain River  LPGA*
Deep Mountain River GC*

TPC Sawgrass Protee* (The Players)
TPC Sawgrass 2017*

Florida Palms Blue (Monster) Gold A for LPGA*
Florida Palms Blue (Monster)Black B for TourPro*

Seashore Paspalum Links LPGA*
Seashore Paspalum Links*

Mizuno CC LPGA*
Mizuno CC*

Grassland West LPGA*
Grasscrash Marsh*

Bradshaw Acres LPGA*
Bradshaw Acres TourPro*

Malaria Cove LPGA*
Malaria Cove Full course*

City Fishery & Golf Park LPGA*
City Fishery & Golf Park*

Fox Chapel LPGA*
Fox Chapel TourPro*

LPGA Royal St. Georges (Reds)*
Royal St. Georges*

Hovattar Mines LPGA M*
Hovattar Mines*

Southern Hills LPGA*
Southern Hills pga 2007 as TourPro*

Smugglers Loch Par 3*
Furys Fringe Finders Par 3*

The Executive LPGA*
The Executive TourPro*

Dama Dama Golf Club LPGA*
Dama Dama Golf Club*

Woodlands Village LPGA*
Woodlands Village GC*

Loch Lomond Sim*
Loch Lomond Ross. House*

Ponder Valley LPGA*
Ponder Valley GC*